Production Roles

He produces or modifies spare parts on conventional machines: lathes, milling machines, boring machines, etc

Spare parts are usually unique or produced in small quantities.
RECAERO, specialized in spare parts, owns a wide range of traditional lathe and milling machines. These production means are very useful for short cycles and low rated production.

Work environment

  • Work mainly located in the workshop and brings the worker to communicate with technical engineers and method technicians.
  • A turner-miller often works alone. He has to produce by himself toolings, blocks or other means in order to respect the dimensions and industrialization requirements.
  • Workshop organization and customers’ needs implies shifts: 2x8, 3x8 hours per day
  • A conventional machine is less “characterized” than a CNC machine that requires a strict respect of health and safety rules: protection glasses, gloves, etc


  • Reading and interpretation of drawings, technical documentation, study office and preparation office documentation, etc
  • Good knowledge of manufacturing raw materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, cooper alloys, etc) and cutting conditions
  • Use of inspection tools
  • Basic level of maintenance and technical support of machines

Educational Background

  • French BAC (BEP) in computer aided mechanical production