Spare parts business:

historical expertise

Verniolle, the birthplace of the group’s activities

At its historical site in Verniolle, France, Recaero provides a global service in the field of manufacturing of spare parts for the aerospace industry.

Additional services for optimum effectiveness

Rapid manufacturing, prototyping, short-lead times and serial production, and more.

RECAERO’s teams coordinate all sourcing, production and logistics services that are necessary to the manufacturing and delivery of the parts ordered by its clients :

  • purchasing and management in anticipation of needs in terms of raw materials and semi-equipment, combined with the handling of eventual obsolescence
  • mass storage and tools management for the commissioned projects
  • complete re-engineering of production processes as needed
  • manufacturing of parts in-house using a extensive range of processes (milling, turning, grinding, metalwork, aeronautics piping, assembling, heat treatments, surface treatments and painting) tocover short production lead-times
  • management of a large network of subcontractors to cover all the clients’ needs;
  • shipment via an integrated packing centre, for the delivery of products in the final packaging required by the end client
  • 24/7 operations to guarantee maximum responsiveness