Training Course

Integrated training centre:

a winning choice

To ensure the long-term quality of its manufacturing, Recaero has placed training at the heart of its priorities.

Pragmatic, historical vision

Since its creation, Recaero has been known and recognized for its cutting-edge industrial facility, in association with the expertise of trained, qualified professionals.

To reaffirm its high standards, the group decided to create its own integrated training structure in 2007, eventually leading to the establishment of the subsidiary Recaero Formation in 2014.

Its sole objective is to meet the needs of the group’s clients thanks to the tailored, cutting edge training of experts specifically dedicated to their fields of activity.

Efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness

RECAERO’s training courses aim to transmit the tools necessary to master the different technical processes developed by the group.

The training centre offers business-specific certificate courses led by professional specialists. 

Comprehensive training

Depending on the needs expressed by our clients, Recaero Formation ramps up the skill sets of an existing team and trains up new employees.

As a veritable actor for local employment in Southern France, the centre has also developed partnerships with academic institutions in the form of work experience contracts.