Training Course

Our training courses

for the aerospace industry

Faced with the real-life needs of the aerospace industry on a daily basis, Recaero decided to create its own training centre in 2007.

Recaero Formation (lien vers : Le groupe > Recaero Formation) offers practical and theoretical training across all of the group’s activities.

Accessible training for anyone

•    Individuals: job seekers, employees undergoing retraining, etc.
•    Professionals: aerospace companies seeking to expand their employees’ skill sets or to provide specific training to their future recruits
•    People looking for work experience contracts

Training tailored to your needs

Thanks to specialists working for the group, Recaero Formation can train you for the role of:

  • digital machine operator;
  • turner;
  • trimmer;
  • sheet metal worker;
  • fitter & assembler;
  • welder;(lien vers : fiche métier dédiée   --> source en .docx)
  • painter, etc. (lien vers : fiche métier dédiée   --> source en  docx)