About the group


a spare parts specialist for the aerospace industry

For each requirement, a tailored solution

Complementary activities

Recaero is a group that specializes in manufacturing metal and composite spare parts, sub-assemblies and modification kits for the aerospace industry.

Depending on your needs, Recaero will offer you a tailored solution, both for short lead times and for serial production.


Today, the group employs a staff of more than 600 people across four subsidiaries:

  • Recaero (Verniolle, France): manufacturing spare parts, rapid manufacturing, prototyping, logistics and more
  • Recaero Composites (Mirepoix, France): manufacturing of composite parts and structures
  • Recaero India (Bangalore, India): serial production manufacturing of structural and engine components
  • Recaero Formation : training of current and future employees


The structureof the Recaero group.

The RECAERO group, presided by Nicolas POBEAU, consists of 4 differents companies