Recaero Formation

A manufacturer’s expertise

put to work for training

In line with the actual needs of the market

To train future experts on the process proficiency and technical tools that have built the group’s success, Recaero created its own training structure in Verniolle, France.

100% practical training

Recaero Formation offers programmes that are in perfect alignment with the needs of the aerospace industry, for the production of component parts and sub-assemblies.

Within that integrated structure, Recaero has:

  • a training team consisting of experts recognized in their fields and who have substantial experience with tutoring and skills transfer
  • a training centre connected to the industrial facility to ensure complete immersion in the concrete reality of the business
  • complete flexibility to provide customized solutions to clients’ needs. For example, we can simultaneously train two fitters, one digital machine operator, two aerospace painters and more
  • a high capacity for adaptation amongst the trainers who, thanks to their vast industrial knowledge, can always adapt their training programmes to the specific needs of the companies for which the participants are being trained


The training is designed for a variety of participants:

  • working professionals who want to expand their teams’ skill sets
  • individuals who want to retrain for a new career or earn a qualification
  • individuals looking for a work experience contract

Based on each trainee’s needs, Recaero Formation offers customized packages.

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