Cutting edge


Combining reliability with performance

To meet its clients’ needs, Recaero uses modern technical resources (equipment and software) adapted to each project’s special features:


  • Engineering: Manufacturing engineering, industrialization, reengineering
  • CAD / CAM: CATIA V5        
  • Milling: Various CNC milling centres – 3 to 5 axis
  • Turning / Precision: CNC lathes, CNC grinding, Turn/Mill 9 axis machines
  • Sheet metal working: Stretching and bending presses
  • Pipes unit: Bending, orbital welding, pressure tests
  • Welding : TIG, spot, wheel, orbital (piping systems), titanium
  • Composites: Moulding room, autoclave, heated press, ovens
  • Assembly: Riveting, gluing, bearing insertion
  • Heat treatment: ovens (aluminium/steel)
  • Surface treatment: TSA, Alodine, Cadmium, Hard Chrome, Passivation
  • Painting, marking, packaging, shipment: EASA Form 1, OAC
  • Warehouse: 3,000 m², large material stock
  • Large network of subcontractors for resources not available in-house