Production Roles

Produces or modifies mechanical parts with classical or CNC lathes according to dimensions and surface requirements.

Produce parts in small quantities according to drawings, routers, and technical documentation, specifications,...
Working Environment

  • 3 shifts per day
  • Stationed in the workshop
  • Autonomous and responsible teams


  • Able to use a classical or CNC lathe
  • Understands drawings, technical documentation, specifications,...
  • Good knowledge of materials: steel, titanium, light alloys, stainless steel, etc
  • Good knowledge of cutting tools
  • Able to use main measuring, and inspection tools in order to inspect and certify conformity of completed operations
  • Respects security instructions and procedures

Educational background

  • BEP Métiers de la Production Mécanique
  • BAC PRO Productique Mécanique
  • BTS Productique Mécanique