Production Roles

Settings operator on machine tool
A settings operator analyses production route cards, deals with pre-settings, starts and settings of digital machines.

He represents the interface between programmers, workers, hierarchy and technical services.
He assures operation checks on machines and deals with first aid maintenance of equipments 

RECAERO owns many different digital machines (lathes, milling, turn milling and grinding machines) and depends heavily upon its settings operators.

Our versatility of machines available allows us to satisfy our customers’ wide range of requirements.
The mastering of short delivery times requires the mastering of a specialist know-how that is directly linked to our training politic.

Work environment
    •    This job is often carried out working alone as an interface between various actors, but is always practiced in a team spirit.
    •    This job requires strict respect of health and safety rules and procedures
    •    Organization in shifts: 2x8 hours per day, 3x8 hours per day

    •    Precise analysis of technical documentation and specifications
    •    To deal with settings, manual and computing parameters of machines
    •    Good communicator, knows how to pass on data to his colleagues
    •    Knowledge of digital programming
    •    Elaboration and manufacturing of toolings

Educational background
    •    French BEP in computer assisted mechanical production
    •    French BAC Pro Mechanical production specialized in machining
    •    French BAC+2 (BTS) Mechanical manufacturing

Those diplomas must be completed by a significant experience