Production Roles

Piping specialist – Bender
The piping specialist is a fabrication job that consists of forming and adjustment operations on metallic tubes.

RECAERO is specialized in high pressure and low pressure aerospace piping.

The piping specialist needs to carry out his own pressure trials to conduct an internal cleaning of the aircraft piping.

The mastering of short delivery times requires the mastering of a specialist know-how that is directly linked to our training politic.
Work environment
    •    The piping specialist can be found in the workshop, in a production line or off-site for prototype modeling for example. Security rules must be respected in all cases. Organization is in shifts: 2x8 hours per day
    •    Use of digital machines, classical milling machines, saws, etc and adjustment machines.
    •    Daily use of low pressure and high pressure benches (700 bars)
    •    Use of Windows computing tools and specialized digital controls

    •    To plot dimensions
    •    To read tri-dimensional drawings
    •    To calculate aircraft piping dimensions
    •    Good knowledge of the materials used: stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, etc
    •    Respect of health and safety rules

Educational background
    •    French level CAP, BEP, BAC Pro specialized in sheet metal work building