Production Roles

Fitter-Assembly specialist
Adjustment consists of dealing with assemblies and sub-assemblies or structural assembly of aircraft airframe.

Specific tools and means must be used: rivet gun, boring machine, drilling machine, screw driver, installation pin etc

Subassemblies adjusted in RECAERO involve sometimes precision levels as little as 0.01 millimeters.

RECAERO is specialized in assembly and subassembly and guarantees short delivery times.

The mastering of short delivery times requires the mastering of a specialist know-how that is directly linked to our training politic.

Work environment
    •    Work mainly occurs in the workshop, on assembly line or sometimes off-site.
    •    Team spirit is essential as is communication with the related services: preparation department, methods department, tooling service, etc
    •    The company’s organization can sometimes imply shifts of 2x8 hours a day or 3x8 hours a day, etc

    •    Knows how to read and interpret aeronautical drawings, technical documents, aerospace nomenclature, etc
    •    Knows the required techniques, tools and various adjusting machines used for aircraft airframe.
    •    Manual dexterity in order to accomplish precision work.
    •    Good knowledge of surface treatment and sealing

Educational Background
    •    French aerospace BAC (CAP, BEP, BAC Pro) specialized in mechanic cell systems