Production Roles

Aerospace painter
An aerospace painter performs all the operations of preparation, treatments and finishes that are necessary on metallic surfaces.

The following various processes can be used: etching treatment, sanding, quenching, polishing, etc in order to apply layers of paint, lacquer, varnish, etc on elementary parts or assemblies.

These operations are very important as the paint or other protective layers assure the parts protection against outside corrosive elements.

The painting operation offers a part its final appearance: it has to be well looked after.

RECAERO has its own painting workshop (2 in 2007) that operates in 3 shifts: 3x8 hours per day, which brings a huge flexibility and reactivity to satisfy short delivery times.

    •    The mastering of short delivery times requires the mastering of a specialist know-how that is directly linked to our training politic.

Work environment
    •    This job is mainly located in the painting cabin
    •    This activity involves staying standing and always requires wearing the recommended protective clothing: glasses, filter masks, gloves, apron, etc.
    •    The handling of chemicals induces a strict respect of the health and safety rules.
    •    Our company’s organization (short delivery times) implies work in shifts: 2x8 or 3x8 hours per day plus Saturdays, etc

    •    Strong knowledge of the handled products: tolerances, incompatibilities, chemical compositions, etc
    •    Respect of the technical and safety instructions (procedures, mixing, etc)

Educational Background
    •    French CAP in industrial painting or bodywork
    •    Work-based learning can also be an option