Production Roles

He is in charge of some or all the operations of surface treatment to assure the parts protection against corrosion.

Work environment
    •    Works in the workshop
    •    Organization in shifts: 2x8 hours per day, sometimes 3x8 hours per day
    •    Works in autonomous and responsible teams

    •    Knowledge of the principles of chemical protection
    •    Good knowledge of surface treatment techniques : electrolytic, chemical, mechanical, etc
    •    Knowledge of materials technology
    •    Knowledge of chemical bath composition and tools
    •    Reading and interpretation of drawings, production documentation,
    •    This job requires strict respect of health and safety rules and procedures
    •    Awareness of the risks for himself and his environment
    •    Maintenance of equipments

    •    Communication with other services
    •    Proposition of treatment improvements
    •    Operations of quality control