Production Roles

Composite moulder or stratifier
He is in charge of manufacturing composite parts that are necessary for the aircraft airframe.

He produces unique parts or small series parts by successive applications of composite tissues in moulds in specific areas. The main tissues used are materials pre-impregnated with thermosetting resin.

The moulds are put in ovens in order to trigger the tissues polymerisation.
RECAERO Composite is specialised in creation and fabrication of elementary spare parts and assemblies.

A moulder must be rigorous, skilful and respectful of the health and safety rules.

The composite is going to have an important place in the aircraft industry (more than 40% of an aircraft is made from composite material). Moreover, material technologies are evolving all the time, which makes stratifier an interesting job for the future.
Work environment

  • Work mainly occurs in the workshop ( clean room) but can require work off-site.
  • The company’s organisation can sometimes imply shifts of 2x8 hours a day or 3x8 hours a day, etc


  • Must know how to read and to interpret aeronautical plans and technical documents.
  • Neat and rigorous in manual tissue application
  • Knowledge of the technical characteristics of different resins and composite tissues.

Educational Background

  • French CAP, BEP, CFPA specialised in moulding or in composite materials
  • French BAC+2 (BTS) specialised in plastic material processing