Support Roles

A buyer is the link between the company and its suppliers.

Buyers have a very important influence on the logistics and the economics of the company. They are trained to deal with emergencies and to listen to other services (Quotation Department, Technical Office, Customer Support etc) in order to manage priorities and to optimise the delivery cycles of Customers orders.

Every day, they have to deal with the reduction of costs and delivery times.
RECAERO intends to develop real partnerships with its subcontractors and relies for that on its buyers. Indeed, a buyer is in direct contact with the subcontractors and thus is responsible for the correct transmission of data and for the follow up of quality problems.

Work environment
    •    A buyer works directly with other departments: Sales Administration, Customer support, Technical Office and Quotation Department. The buyer’s proximity to these departments makes the mission more active and motivating.
    •    A buyer uses lots of new computing technologies allowing a better reactivity.
    •    Good communication skills and constant availability are required as the buyer deals only with a certain part of manufacturing processes or for a specific customer.

    •    Good communicator
    •    Rigorous
    •    Technical knowledge about the manufacturing processes if possible
    •    Good level of spoken/written English

Educational Background
    •    French BAC +2: business school (BTS) specialised training in purchasing (MAI or ESA)
    •    Business school or purchasing diploma
    •    French BAC+5: Engineering school