Support Roles

Maintenance technician

An Maintenance specialist must guarantee the continued accessibility of the company’s information system, to offer integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Two kinds of IT specialist are required to fulfil these needs:

- Specialist with skills in Hardware, network, phoning…equipment orientated

- Specialist with skills in programming: specific developments, specific language knowledge, software, etc

Work Environment

  • Office based with lots of contact with internal users for repairing, training or installing new tools.
  • Work on various tools and computing specific software.
  • Launching of daily or weekly analysis. Rigorous job with an accurate work organisation required.
  • Frequent contacts with external companies who are responsible for maintenance of our software and IT system.

Our computing service is available for all the users of the company, requiring a strong reactivity and availability to all of the users’ needs.


  • Expert in hardware or network management, depending upon the specific expertise required
  • Expertise in computing languages: SQI server, Windows software, etc
  • Knowledge in computing software development
  • Project management, team work and job requirement evolution/elaboration

Educational Background

  • French BAC+2: BTS Informatique
  • External specialist training centres
  • French BAC+5: IT engineer